The Shawmut Diner has been around for a long time. I went there as a teenager when I worked at Hot Wheels. I would ride my bike there during the summer to grab a hamburger. There are many places I used to go as a teenager and young adult that are no longer around, and now, as of April 1st, a place I have been going to since i can remember will no longer be open and operated by Phil and Celeste Paleologos.

It was such a pleasure to have such a great hometown restaurant to go to, and to have such a gracious welcome from Phil and Celeste and the great crew at the diner no matter when you went there.

Scott Reiniche/TSM

Thank you Phil and Celeste for giving all of us something that was the very definition of community! We hope to see the diner relocated sometime soon, and whoever runs it certainly has big shoes to fill. I'm so glad I got to bring my little one there. of course she only would go if Phil was there!!