Discovery Channel’s Shark Week attracts viewers from around the world, and this year, all eyes are on two Rhode Island researchers who share their life’s work of tracking Mako Sharks. Dawn of the Monster Mako gives a glimpse into the lives of Lauren and Joe Romeiro as they aim to give a different perspective on sharks while they track down a 14-foot Mako.

Lauren and Joe Romeiro

Lauren was born and raised in Rhode Island while Joe was born in the Azores and moved to the States at 4 years old. They met through a charter captain down at the dock in Point Judith, and after working on a shark week special together, they fell in love, started working together full time, and got themselves a research vessel.

Dedicating Their Lives to Shark Research

Lauren and Joe bonded over similar goals and hope to educate the masses on how special sharks truly are.

“Joe and I have always been fascinated with sharks since a young age,” said Lauren. “We wanted to bring new insights to these animals through our filming and research and our vessel and the films we create we feel do just that.”

Getting a Chance to Shine During Shark Week

Lauren has been in the background of Shark Week for many years, working behind the scenes with her husband. Over the past two years, she has gotten a chance to be in front of the camera, and seeing her and her husband’s hard work come to life with this season’s special was extremely rewarding.

“It's always rewarding seeing your research and film work air for many different people to see!" she said. "Our goal is to give people a different perspective on sharks and portray them the way we see them—as beautiful, awe-inspiring creatures that are critical to the health of ocean ecosystems.”

Dawn of The Monster Mako

In case you missed it, Dawn of The Monster Mako finds Joe and Lauren traveling to the Azores region to track a 14-foot giant mako shark as they aim to capture the beast on film.

“We hope to highlight the Azores as one of the most amazing ecological archipelagos with a biodiversity that rivals most places on earth,” said Lauren.

Check it out and enjoy.

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