A Bridgewater man took a trip to the Canal down on the Cape for a day of fishing. Little did he know what he was about to be face to face with a giant shark.

On Friday, June 23rd, Michael Berube was preparing to cast out a line when he noticed a very large dorsal fin protruding from the water. He immediately took out his phone and recorded what appears to be a shark passing in front of him.

Facebook.com/Michael Berube.

Wareham Harbor Master said that the shark in the video fits the characteristics of a Basking Shark, which have been spotted in the Canal before. A second video of the shark being spotted in the Canal was posted by the Harbor Master the same day. No one has been able to confirm yet whether it was definitely a Basking Shark - some said the fin looks like it belongs to a Sunfish. But the Harbor Master said it looks most like a Basking Shark given its fin and tail - which are essentially gentle giants that tolerate divers and only eat plankton.

Facebook.com/Michael Berube

Cape Cod Today documented a Basking Shark that was spotted in the same place about five years ago and the video footage is incredible! Check it out below: