The Lizzie Borden House in Fall River is home to one of the most iconic unsolved murder mysteries in the nation’s history. Nowadays, it offers a unique experience with tours and overnight stays -- for those brave enough.

Lizzie Borden is long gone, but the horrific events that unfolded on Second Street haunt the home and some of the modern-day guests.

On Thursday, a group of guests took a photograph and allegedly captured more than what they saw with the naked eye.

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The Lizzie Borden House shared the story last week of three friends who had a bone-chilling experience in the front parlor of the notorious home.

A person named Kris decided to lie down on the couch and speak directly to the spirit of Andrew Borden, who along with his wife was killed Aug. 4, 1892, likely with a hatchet. As Kris asked about Borden's reputation as a “penny-pincher," a friend snapped a photograph.

One of the friends named Stefani examined the photos later and she was left speechless.

In the photograph, it appears Kris is not alone. A shadowy figure to the left of Kris can be seen entering the room and hovering next to Kris.

It’s possible that the photographer captured a long exposure of an actual person caused by someone walking through the frame, but it could also be an incredible apparition of a spirit in the house. Hundreds of people decided to weigh in online with their own theories and encounters.

One woman shared that she and her mother spent the night in Lizzie’s room last October and kept hearing a woman call her name. Another claimed the door to their room latched by itself.

While previous guests shared their own stories, photographs and videos, a few people were not buying this latest story.

“You can tell this is from long exposure/movement,” one user wrote. “The leg of the chair duplicated because they moved when taking the picture.”

Is this a trick of the camera or is this an apparition caught on camera in one of the scariest homes in Fall River? You be the judge.

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