If anyone is missing a personalized golden locket, it's been found and put in a safe place in Fairhaven.

On Saturday, April 22nd, I was taking a nice stroll on the beach at Fort Phoenix State Reservation. My fiancée and I love taking our dog Bella for walks in the off-season when pets are allowed on the beach. It was family day and the weather was just right; not too hot and not too cold.

You never know what you're going to find along the walk: shells, sea glass, and perhaps even some loose change. This time I found something a little more sentimental and priceless- a personalized golden locket with special writing on it.

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Located right on the roadway by the pickleball courts was where the locket was found.

There was no entry to the inside of the personal piece of jewel to recognize the owner, but the engraving on the outside wrote:

"God has you in his arms,I have you in my heart"

In case the person who may have dropped this gold pendant returned to the scene, I placed it carefully on the welcome sign close by to where it was found in the first place. We hope that this special missing locket of significance finds its way back home to its rightful owner.

Any further questions, feel free to reach out to Gazelle@Fun107.com and I'll be happy to help or assist in any way possible.

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