I am a fan of the relatively new tradition of the Senior Walk Through.

I'm a person who loves traditions. I really enjoy traditions because of how difficult they are to maintain. No matter how much a generation loves their traditions, they have to rely on future generations to maintain them. That's why it's usually only the really deserved traditions that withstand the test of time. I think the relatively new tradition of the Senior Walk Through might be one that sticks around.

I'm not sure where or when the Senior Walk Throughs first started, but I'm pretty sure they first started appearing around the SouthCoast about 8-10 years ago.

If you are not familiar, just prior to graduation, high school seniors will go back to their elementary and middle schools for one final time as a student. My favorite part of this is that during the seniors' visit to their former schools, all of the classes are put on hold. The younger children line the hallways and clap and cheer for the seniors as they start an important new chapter in their lives.

I love how the young students cheer and give a "last clap" for the seniors like they are rock stars. The message of admiration is clear--with hard work and dedication, they too will one day walk through these halls as seniors. They too will feel that same sense of achievement.

This is a beautiful new tradition. It's a keeper.

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