It's been a busy season for the Fairhaven High School football team and their hard work has paid off.

The Blue Devils are playing for the South Coast Conference Championship against Seekonk on Friday, May 7, but not before receiving a proper send-off at Fairhaven High. The public is invited to help support the kids before their 6:30 kickoff. This is the first time in years that the team has made it to the postseason.

Attendees will line up where the busses pull out, heading towards the front of the school and Route 6. The bus is scheduled to leave at 4:45 p,m. so anyone who is interested should arrive no later than 4:30 p.m. Represent blue and white colors to show support and remember to wear a mask and socially distance.
"We are really proud of what our football team has accomplished leading up to this point.  The town should be proud of this team, they work hard and they do things the "right" way! Our kids are going to play as hard as they can and give it everything they have to try and bring home a league championship!" — Derek Almeida, Head Coach
 "Congratulations guys, an SCC Tournament run like this is a really bright spot for the community this year.  This is all a result of your hard work, attention to detail and willingness to be great teammates above all.  Great job by the coaching staff to put us in this position right away, good luck and GO BLUE DEVILS!" — Christopher Carrig, FHS Athletic Director
"This season has been completely different from years past, the entire team is committed to success and Blue Devil football is BACK.  We have been working very hard as a team and will be bringing everything we've got to Seekonk." — Matthew Cadieux, Captain, Class of 2021

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