Parents of children with nut allergies may be a little nervous about the new turf being used at one Seekonk school.

The Wheeler School is the first in the world to use the latest in sports turf technology: walnut shell turf.

And if you think that could be dangerous for some kids, think again,

The company behind the product, USGreentech, says they have worked long and hard to ensure that the turf is 100 percent safe for all athletes to play on. Even those with tree nut allergies.

The typical rubber turf fields kids may be playing on today have come under fire lately over the potential for toxin exposure from the rubber.

Now a much safe and more natural alternative called Safeshell has been created, and Wheeler School in Seekonk is the first school in the world to utilize it.

Courtesy USGreentech
Courtesy USGreentech

Basically instead of crumbly rubber, you now have a 100 percent organic turf with antimicrobial technology. That means less bacteria building up over the years and more low-maintenance fields.

And as the makers at USGreentech write on their website, they have thought of the nut allergy crowd.

The creators say they

partnered with a leading biochemistry firm and developed a patent-pending, chemical-free process that extracts residual allergen proteins from the nut shells.


Allergies arise from proteins found in the meat of a nut, not the shell.

So if you were worried about for child's allergies when playing on this new field, there's no need. The company has thought of that as well, and promise nothing but benefits to this new turf technology.

Local athletic directors and sports facility managers who want to check out the new field during its unveiling on Thursday can register to attend.

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