Enjoying carnival rides and arcade games usually means packing up the family in the car and heading to that fun destination where tokens are like gold and cheap prizes are endless.

Now, SouthCoast carnival lovers have the chance to bring the fun home.

Fantasyland in Seekonk seems to be doing some renovations because they recently listed their iconic rides and games up for auction to anyone who can place a bid and wheel them away.

Something exciting is happening at Fantasyland. Its website reads, “We are sworn to secrecy as to what is coming, but if you help us sell this fine merchandise, we promise to install it quicker!” Air hockey tables, a Ferris wheel, and the Sartori space train are just a few of the items that Fantasyland is looking to get rid of, and Capital Online Auctions has come to the rescue to be the place of bidding for these nostalgic pieces of machinery.

Fantasyland is to the SouthCoast what Adventureland was for me growing up in Rhode Island. It’s where I spent countless summer days with my friends when we were younger, playing whack-a-mole, putting all my money into pinball, and getting way too aggressive during bumper cars. Imagine having the opportunity to have that same experience again without waiting in line and paying for tickets?

The bidding is open and will remain open until April 22, so if you’re looking to salvage your favorite ride, click here and make your bids now. The current bids on each machine range from one dollar to upwards of $800. Put your name in the running and bring a piece of Fantasyland to your home.

Want to see the rides and games that could be yours? Keep scrolling.

Seekonk Amusement Rides and Games Up for Auction

Fantasyland in Seekonk seems to be undergoing some serious renovations as it has listed several of its nostalgic rides and games up for auction.

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