Back in 1984, The All New England Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off began at Topsfield Fair and in that year, the winning pumpkin, grown by Wayne Hackney of New Milford, CT, weighed 433 pounds and he was awarded $100 bucks. Now, the pumpkins are much bigger and heavier.

It doesn't take that long to grow pumpkins. According to the Almanac, you just need 75 to 100 frost free days, and that's for just a regular size pumpkin. I can't imagine how long one of these 1,600 pound pumpkins take to grow. Oh, that's right. 433 pounds today is nothing compared to the roided up pumpkins of today.

So far, the biggest pumpkin at the Topsfield Fair was 2,009 pounds and that was last year's winner. Right now, the event is going on from October 4th through the 14th in Topsfield, MA which is just North of Boston.

I wonder what happens after the winner is crowned with the "giant pumpkin" title and how much pie does it make?