Break up your sunny summer day on the Cape with a tour of the new and improved Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory.

Looking for something free to enjoy on the Cape?

Well plan a stop at the potato chip factory in Hyannis for their free self-guided tours.

Basically you just walk through the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory watching how those deliciously crunchy chips come into creation and at the end you score free sample bags of the finished product.

Free tour, free chips. Sounds fun.

And I think the best part is that you get to move at your own speed. It's all self-guided with lots of signs telling you about the different steps taken to get that kettle cooked crunchy goodness.

So if you, like me, have super slow walking kids who ask questions about everything, you can take your time and not feel like you're holding up an entire group.

And if you're just in it for the free chips (and who could blame you), you can blow through this tour in about 15 minutes.

The factory has been recently remodeled, so the tour is probably all new even to those that enjoyed it before the new construction.

You can now sit on their outdoor patio to snack and check out the lobby, walkway and gift shop featuring lots of flavors of Cape Cod chips you typically can't find in stores.

Now if we could just get free samples of some Cape Cod Beer to go with those chips...

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