One Scituate, Massachusetts home that is currently for sale is turning heads thanks to its unique layout and stunning, yet questionable, location. This nearly-million-dollar property takes oceanfront views to an entirely new level as it sits atop pillars directly on a beach, a stone’s throw away from the water.

Known as the Summer Wind Beach House, this 1,674-square foot property rests its foundation between Egypt and Mann Hill Beaches. Listed on Zillow for $929,999, it appears the driveway is beach sand that previous drivers have packed down over time. The next owner will have to be comfortable with stairs because a short climb up either a ramp or metal staircase is the only way to the front door.

Built in 1979, the beach house has been renovated into a stunning home, with an open floor plan, new appliances, and a tasteful design. Currently, Summer Wind Beach House has been on the market for 31 days, and I have a feeling the beachfront view has something to do with that.

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The “panoramic views of the ocean” are dangerously close to being a submerged view of the ocean. The only protection this home seems to have from a vicious hurricane or storm is the wooden stilts it sits upon. This home has lasted since the '80s, so maybe I’m being dramatic, but if I’m spending that kind of money on a home, I would hate to see my money wash away.

However, there is no denying the beauty of this Scituate oasis. With three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and an acre of private land, this home is a beach lover’s dream. Want to take a look inside? Keep scrolling.

This Scituate Beach House Is an Ocean Lover's Dream

The Summer Wind Beach House in Scituate, Massachusetts is on the market for over $900,000, but its views are priceless.

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