It's time for today's edition of "Why Do I Care About This?"

I can assure you that what I'm about to share is a pretty solid life hack you most likely never thought about when it comes to weddings.

As a wedding DJ, I'm at a different venue every other week. How does this benefit me? Well, for one, I'm eating good in the neighborhood (that's a guarantee I can hang my hat on). And it's a meal I don't have to cook. Therefore, it's a win-win situation -- a win for the wedding party benefiting from my hard work and a win for my appetite.

Now, this little wedding hack that I've assembled is 100% for the cheese lovers of the world.

When it comes to salads, I thoroughly enjoy a sprinkle of mozzarella or blue cheese crumbles on top. It's the cherry on a vegetable pie if we're speaking metaphorically. However, a majority of venues and catering companies that serve the pre-dinner salad don't add cheese.

Sorry for nitpicking, but it's an observation that has burned a hole in my brain every time I'm served a wedding reception salad.

Now get ready to have your mind blown.

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What is usually the first food served immediately following the ceremony?

The cheese spread.

Are you starting to pick up what I'm putting down?

As soon as the guests are ushered to their seats to begin dinner, the first item on the staff's agenda, from what I've seen, is to retire the remaining cheese back to the kitchen, and that cheese will never be seen or heard from again.

Some call it a waste. I look at it as an opportunity to upgrade my meal.

Before the caterers take away the cheese from the cocktail hour, grab a plate and stock up on the cheese. This cheese stash can then be added to your salad, which usually comes about 20 minutes after you find your table.

Once your salad is served, you now have a selection of cheese (a mini charcuterie board of options, if you may) to add to your salad. You have the control to add as little to as much cheese as desired to spruce up your salad.

Try it the next time you're at your sister's or best friend's wedding and you'll thank me later.

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