Fairhaven's Rogers and Oxford schools aren't the only historic structures in danger according to some town residents.

A group spoke out against altering the red brick sidewalk surrounding Town Hall and the library at Monday's Board of Selectmen meeting.

Narrowing the historic sidewalks by one-and-a-half feet is a part of the restoration project approved by the last Town Meeting.

Other aspects of the three-phase project include removing trees and installing handicap ramps. The three trees set to be cut down are either dying or impede water runoff and will be replaced by four new trees once construction is complete around late November.

Cathy Delano calls the changes to Fairhaven's brick walkways tragic.

"I think the town people really don't realize this is happening and it's already been decided," Delano tells WBSM News, "When they see the narrower sidewalks, I think they'll be shocked."

Town Hall Art Curator, Al Benac says the brick sidewalks go back to the horse-and-buggy times and add to the library and Town Hall's unique architecture. Benac spoke out against the sidewalk alterations at two different Town Meetings.

Although some worry how the town's center will look after the project, Geoff Haworth, Board of Selectmen Chair, says the changes won't be too dramatic.

"I think once people realize how small of a change it will be, they'll be more accepting of the change," Haworth said.