SATA Airlines has left hundreds stranded this week as they abruptly canceled flights with little to no explanation.

Imagine, you're moments away from embarking on the vacation of a lifetime. You're at the airport, luggage checked, coffee in hand, ready to board the plane when word comes down from the airline that your flight has been postponed. No worries, you think, just a minor hiccup in your journey to the Azores. Then, your flight is postponed again. You're not thrilled, but hey, you're on vacation, it's no big deal.

Then, the really bad news comes. The flight has been canceled without any solid plans of rescheduling the flight.

This scenario played out last weekend for former Fun 107/WBSM News Director Taylor Cormier. He and his new bride were scheduled to fly to the Azores for a week-long trip. After being "jerked around" all day with flight delays, Cormier says he was "spewing profanities" after the airline finally admitted at the end of the day that "you're not getting out of here tonight and that everyone should just go home." They told the passengers that they might have some flights on Sunday. That didn't happen. Then, Tuesday was mentioned as a possibility, but then Tuesday came and went for the stranded passengers.

"I just woke up this morning, and they're telling us that our flight has been rescheduled for this coming Saturday...the day I'm supposed to fly home from Sao Miguel," he said.

Cormier says there are over 800 people stuck both in Portugal and here in the United States and that he's been virtually ignored by the airline since his flight was first canceled last weekend.

"I've emailed them, I've called, I haven't gotten any response," he said.

Fun 107 tried reaching out to SATA's corporate offices for days seeking comment. We were never able to be connected to a human.

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