Two breweries made a high-stakes wager prior to Super Bowl 51, and now a new beer is flowing in Atlanta, GA following the historic comeback by the New England Patriots. 

Prior to the game, Boston-based Samuel Adams Beer challenged Atlanta's SweetWater Brewing Company to a friendly wager: to name and sell a beer after the winning team.

Despite the crushing defeat, the brewery made good on their bet and founder Freddy Bensch has high hopes for redemption.

“That was a fantastic game with a tough outcome," Bensch said after the game. "We’re super proud of what the Falcons accomplished this year, and people should be on notice:  the Falcons are set up to fly for many years to come. Congrats to the Pats – looking forward to redemption.  In the meantime, hand me another 420!”

The result was Patriot Extra Pale Ale, typically 420 Extra Pale Ale, which will be served in SweetWater's taproom all week.

"We did a limited run of cans and released those at the tour (Wednesday) night as part of our souvenir beer options – the brewery doors opened at 5:30, and by 6:30 they were gone," said Tucker Berta Sarkisian, SweetWater spokesperson. "Can’t be certain if there are that many Patriots fans in Atlanta, or if Falcons fans just wanted to pour them down the drain and crush the cans.”

Sam Adams also designed the can's label which features two football players in a boat holding a fishing reel with a football for bait, taunting a falcon.

However, SweetWater added a little something to the can themselves: "A soul crushing pale ale that will leave you feeling deflated. No G.O.A.T. harmed in the creation of this beer (but we gave it out best shot!) #rogerthat."

And just to make things a little more tough on the SweetWater crew, Sam Adams sent over some swag for employees to wear in the taproom while they serve up pints of defeat.

The team at the SweetWater taproom wore Sam Adams gear while serving up Patriot Pale Ale. | Photo courtesy of SweetWater Brewing

Way to take it in stride SweetWater!