The people have spoken -- the ones who run Glamour, anyway -- and the verdict is in: Selena Gomez is our woman of the year. And while the rest of us continue to stare at her photo spread for the issue announcing her coronation, Gomez's famous pals Ryan Seacrest and Taylor Swift have some encouraging words regarding her upcoming womanly reign.

"There are very few women her age that have accomplished as much as she's accomplished -- and she's so gracious and grateful," Seacrest pointed out in a congratulatory video, followed by Swift, who grinned, "Selena is my most fun, spontaneous, and energetic friend ... she's always up for an adventure."

Aside from her acting and recording careers, Gomez earned Glamour's admiration thanks to her work on behalf of charities like UNICEF and Island Dog. "It's super important to me," she said when asked about her work in the field. "It's something that my mom and stepdad taught me from the beginning. My mom worked really hard -- she had three jobs. We lived in a tiny apartment and we basically lived on macaroni and cheese ... it makes you more grateful for everything you have."

Gomez singled out UNICEF in the video, describing her "amazing relationship" with the "beautiful organization" and saying, "I believe in what they do."

"She has targets, she's going to hit them," concluded Swift. "It's the most fun thing in the world to see her create something in her mind that she wants to accomplish, and then just reach up and grab it."