A recent wave of missed calls caused some of our staff to start to freak out. Anyone else have the same experience?

Our Tuesday started off like any other day at Fun 107. We spent the first hour of the day thinking about food, and spent the second hour of our day writing articles about food. You know, typical day at Fun 107. It wasn't until 11:20 a.m. that my day started to take a turn for a colder, Eastern European climate.

After he tweeted this, people were coming out of no where like Russian nesting dolls with the same number calling them as well.


Should I be panicking? I mean I've always wanted to explore the world, but I never thought that would include the inside of a Russian jail cell. I have this strong urge to now delete my emails and watch 2004's Miracle just to show this Russian who they're messing with. USA! USA! USA!


(But for real, anyone know why this is happening? I'm afraid to sleep tonight.)

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