Every Puppy owners biggest fear is a runaway pup! Luckily this runaway story ended well!

John Gouthro saw an elusive little pup jump out of a car at a Cumberland Farms and take off, according to the Brockton Enterprise.

Gouthro and others were soon in hot pursuit of the speedy little pup. Gouthro himself had to hop in his truck to follow the dog. The Fugitive puppy ran from Brockton into West Bridgewater with around 20 people chasing, according to the Enterprise report.

“I finally lured her in near St. Ann’s with a bottle of water. She was panting and panting, so overheated. And she cut her foot," Gouthro said.

The speedy littly pup ran about 2 miles!

Gouthro took her to West Bridgewater's police department and then she would go to the Brockton MSPCA. If no one comes to claim the lost puppy, Gouthro told the MSPCA to give him a call and he'll take her.


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