With Christmas just days away, we were feeling like we were in a festive mood. Maddie rallied the troops and requested that we all wear ugly Christmas sweaters into the morning show today. We even posed in front of the office Christmas tree.

Everyone was feeling the Christmas spirit – until I blew it.

We were also supposed to exchange our presents as well, but I dropped the ball and didn't bring mine in. In a way, by forgetting the presents for Gazelle and Maddie, I kind of ruined Christmas a little bit for our show. We now have plans to exchange our gifts later in the week.

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We decided to ask the audience to try to ruin Christmas in five words, and we got some hilarious responses. We decided to put a list together of some of our favorites. Think about what five words, if uttered at the Christmas dinner table, would bring our favorite holiday to a screeching halt.

Ruin Christmas in 5 Words

Michael and Maddie asked you if you could ruin Christmas in 5 words. Here's what you came up with.

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