Have you ever wondered how Rudolph got his red nose? Well, Dutch scientists have finally explained the mystery. Turns out, the reindeer's shiny nose is the direct result of "hyperemia of the nasal mucosa." Way to take all the magic out of Christmas, science.

According to a paper published in the journal Deinsea, Rudolph's red nose was likely caused by "the exceptional physical burden of flying with a sleigh with Santa Claus as a heavy load," which resulted in "cerebral and bodily hyperthermia" and an "overworked nasal cooling mechanism." In other words, Rudolph's nose is simply overheated.

But there are other possibilities, say the scientists. The reindeer's glowing nose could also be caused by a common cold or alcohol. The plucky reindeer might even be suffering from a parasitic infection of the nostrils, which, if you think about it, is a sure-fire way to get yourself left out of reindeer games.

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