If you missed any this week, here are the answers to the Morning Mindbenders on the Rock and Fox Show.

Monday 6/24

Question: On average, This happens once per week to men and women according to a recent survey here in the U.S.?

Answer: drink too much (alcohol)

Tuesday 6/25 

Question: The average person in a relationship complains 3 times a day. Half of the time about this?

Answer: spouses spending

Wednesday 6/26

Question: For the first time since 2005. More Americans will be doing more of this, this summer than last summer?

Answer: golf

Thursday 6/27

Question: 2/3 of Americans who have done this say they have major regrets about it?

Answer: student loans

Friday 6/28

Question: 50% of those who did this last year, already wish they didn't?

Answer: take out a loan for their wedding

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