If you missed any this week, here are the answers to the Morning Mindbenders on the Rock and Fox Show.

Monday 4/22

Question: 1 in 4 mothers will keep this information a secret?

Answer: the babysitter

Tuesday 4/23

Question: More than half of men and women in the U.S are worried they are not doing this correctly?

Answer: recycling

Wednesday 4/24

Question: 1 in 4 people between the ages of 21 and 55 admit that they did not do this last year?

Answer: read a book

Thursday 4/25

Question: 1 out of 5 adult men and women today say that this is a top 5 childhood memory of theirs?

Answer: the sound of the ice cream truck

Friday 4/26

Question: 50% of people will do this today and it takes roughly 20 seconds?

Answer: leave a voicemail message



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