It seems like the turkey population is getting more and more robust here on the SouthCoast. Seeing gangs of turkeys walking around neighborhoods used to be a shocking sight, but for a number of different reasons, it has become more and more common.

I see turkeys come home to roost just about every night in the trees in my backyard, but I've never seen turkeys behaving (or misbehaving) like this. Tensions in Rochester must be high because these turkeys broke into an all-out street fight on Alley Road today.

Even more interesting is that the two fighting turkeys seem to be female, which is definitely not something you see every day.

A couple of possible explanations? We are coming up on mating season. Normally, you might see two males try to establish alpha male dominance in the group. The dominant turkey will flash his feathers and strut until another turkey comes along and challenges him to a fight.

However, while we're no turkey experts, these turkeys appear to be female. This might be the case of a younger hen challenging the "boss hen" to a duel. Whatever the case, I wouldn't want to have to break up that turkey fight. I'd be afraid they'd both turn on me.

The animal kingdom is fascinating. It is interesting how the two turkeys seem to be closely matched at first, but then a dominant winner is established.

A big thank you to Jon Morgan for capturing the video and sharing it with us here at Fun 107.

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