The process has taken over three years, but Old Rochester Regional High School is on the brink of securing sound and lighting for the school's auditorium and new athletic facilities that would improve the experience for nearly every athlete in the Tri-Town area. After more than three years, it all comes down to one final ballot vote today in Rochester.

The road has been long. The project was put to a vote this spring in all three town meetings. It passed overwhelmingly in all three towns. The next step was for the project to pass by ballot in all three towns. It passed by ballot in Mattapoisett. It passed by ballot in Marion. Now, the final hurdle stands in Rochester.

Rochester has the power to either give the green light to the ORR Field/Track/Auditorium project, or to stop it in its tracks.

One of the Rochester residents who has worked hard to make the project come to fruition is Tom Flynn, who founded Old Rochester's Youth Football League.

The nay sayers in Rochester want you to vote against the RestoreORR project so you can 'save' tax dollars...If you VOTE YES on July 10th, it will cost on average 30 or so bucks a year. Voting YES means you leverage Marion and Mattapoisett tax dollars, pool all those "30 bucks" together and get a tremendous value for the towns. Voting no save 30 bucks. Get something for your tax money! Increase the value of the community for your tax money. There is no risk here - its 30 bucks. The reward, however, is huge. Do you want to live in a community where people come together to create something great or do you want to save 30 bucks? VOTE YES ON JULY 10!

Polls are open today (Thursday, July 10) in Rochester from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Council on Aging on Dexter Lane.

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