Imagine being able to see some of your favorite places on the SouthCoast for the first time again. One New Bedford man makes it possible by capturing local hot spots from the sky with his drone, offering a totally new perspective on the places we love through his YouTube channel.

Barry Mullin was born and raised in the city of New Bedford and now resides in Rochester. He works in Fall River at a biotech company, and he comes home every day to his fiancé and six children. Working full time and being a father of six is a recipe for a busy life, but Mullin still finds time to pursue his hobby of shooting aerial videos of his favorite spots on the SouthCoast.

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“I started doing it as a hobby,” Mullin said. He purchased a drone and began flying it over the streets he grew up in, capturing places like Fort Taber, Neds Point, and the Freetown State Forest.

“I really started enjoying it, and I began curious as to how people would respond,” Mullin said.

He began sharing his videos to local Facebook groups. The support for his videos on his YouTube channel, NE Dronalist, continues to grow, and people have started to recommend different locations in the area for a chance at seeing some of their favorite places from a new perspective.

His favorite video to date is his footage of Horseneck Beach and Gooseberry Island in Westport. Listening to the crashing of the waves on the jetty, with aerial views of the inviting sand, I can see why it’s his proudest work.

Mullin's “drone idea book” continues to fill up as the success of his hobby continues to grow. His goal is to promote the beauty of the SouthCoast and spread positivity through the serene scenes he captures from the sky.

“I was born here, I love it here, and I want to show everybody just how beautiful it really can be,” Mullin said.

Mullin looks forward to uncovering new places to capture as he continues to paint a surreal picture of the SouthCoast with his camera and his drone.

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