Graham Levenson is the four-year-old sweetheart behind this amazing stand. Not only does he have lemonade, but he's also selling cups of coffee for just 75 cents.

His stand caught the attention of Rochester Police Officer, Aly Rego. She posted this photo on her Facebook page with the caption "Always happy to help a local business! Way to go Graham. Thanks for my morning coffee."

We asked Officer Rego why she decided to stop there this morning. She said, "I saw Graham's mom post a picture on Facebook yesterday and was bummed that I missed it. I work the midnight to 8 am shift, so was happy to see him out again this morning so I could end my shift with a cup of coffee that was served with a smile!"

And just look at that smile! He even makes the coffee himself. His parents must be so proud of this little guy working hard to make a buck at the end of his driveway on Nathaniel Drive.

Stop by to show your support for this local business. We'll have to ask him if he'll want to participate in our Lemonade Day SouthCoast next year! I'm sure a few officers will be happy to skip the Dunkin run and pay 75 cents for their morning coffee instead!

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