If there were going to be negative fallout from Robin Thicke's raunchy performance with Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards, we thought the majority of it would be from his wife.

But, no, an Us Weekly report suggests that it's Robin himself -- and not the missus, actress Paula Patton -- who's unhappy with the overly sexual display that Cyrus put on with him during his hit 'Blurred Lines.' Also said to be freaking about the risqué routine? Miley's team!

The Internet hasn't stopped buzzing about the duet that blurred a lot of lines having to do with good taste, but an unnamed source says Thicke isn't happy about it. "Robin thought it would be fun to include Miley, but he didn't realize how much she would overshadow him. This was his big night and big performance," the source spills to the magazine. "I don't think he would have done it knowing what it ended up like."

What on earth could all the fuss be about?

Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke

Oh, that. (Watch Miley and Robin's entire performance here -- it's, uh, something to see.)

But another source close to Robin disagrees that the singer had any problem at all with the performance and absolutely knew what he was in for working with Miley. "He had fun and was fine with how it came out. He knew what they were going to do and thought it was fun and awesome. He had a great time," the source says.

There's also said to be some disagreement among Team Miley over it all. "Miley's team is freaking about that performance," an insider dishes. "They saw the rehearsals, but those were really played down compared to the live performance."

But that's not how everyone sees it. Another inside counters: "It's the VMAs, of course she's going to do a standout performance! No one [from her team] was shocked by this."

What about you, PopCrushers? What do you think about Robin and Miley's performance? Were you shocked? Do they have real reason to regret it or was it all just another outrageous moment in the grand tradition of the VMAs? Sound off below!

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