But don't worry - all the arrows are tipped with giant foam pieces so you won't actually shoot anyone's eye out. 

Much like the ax-throwing bar in Somerville, you can now play extreme archery tag with your friends in Boston! The Ontario-based company calls archery tag a mix of dodgeball and paintball. Before you play the 50-minute round, you do get some target practice and training - ya know, so you can safely get into the Hunger Games spirit.

All the arrows are foam-tipped with what look like giant marshmallows so there is basically no way you can actually get hurt. They describe the "arrows" to be like Nerf-gun darts.

Most rounds are played with just around 20 people, and the arrows are placed in the middle of the field and players run to grab them when each round starts.

Players must be 10 or older, and a 75-minute session runs $27 per person. They also have youth-only (ages 7-12) sessions available on some weekends from 9-11 a.m.


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