You've probably heard of a microbrewery...but how about a microcreamery?


It's the season of frozen treats and one ice cream shop in Hudson, Massachusetts is making the classic treat in a whole new way.

The New City Microcreamery on Main St in Hudson makes all of their ice cream from scratch and have an open ice cream kitchen, so you can watch the magic happen!

So what does microcreamery mean? It means making hand-crafted smaller batches of ice cream, much like microbrewers do with their beer.

using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream
New City Microcreamery Facebook page

And at New City, they make the ice cream with liquid nitrogen.

The microcreamery uses the liquid nitrogen to flash freeze the cream, making for what they describe as a "silky" ice cream with a "lighter texture and mouth feel."

And it looks pretty cool too.

New City not only has great tasting ice cream made in a totally unique way, they let you watch them make it too!

So this is the perfect road trip for the ice cream lover in your life to see how it all works and then get a taste of something new.

And with flavors like congo bar, mexican chocolate and even lime avocado you know you are in for something new.

They even offer dairy-free ice cream (which I personally love)!

Plus they serve up sandwiches, coffee and much more for the non-ice cream fans too.

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