Maybe you're tired of the sticks and afraid of the ticks and want to upgrade your camping experience...We've got the spot for you.

Glamping: verb; shorthand for glamorous camping: or, luxury camping

Or, in this case, exactly what you'll get at Sandy Pines Campground in Kennebunkport, Maine.

While the sneak peeks at the their ultra-lush tents are pretty limited, if you like the thought of spending your camping weekend with canopy beds, cozy fur accents and fully-furnished "tents", glamping at Sandy Pines might be exactly the long weekend you're looking for.

Heidi Kirn ; Sandy Pines Campground - FB
Heidi Kirn ; Sandy Pines Campground - FB

According, their 12 designer tents will be available for your glamping pleasure as soon as June 2017.

If the luxury tent experience isn't your style, Sandy Pines is full of other fun stuff like vintage cars and campers to kick your outdoor experience up a few notches.

Sandy Pines is also a "regular" campground for those who appreciate getting out without electricity and fancy fur and into the great outdoors.

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