These are super fun to go to year-round but I would seriously try to get out there when everything's frozen.

I was out in New Hampshire last week for a mini-vacation and we ended our trip with a hike out to Diana's Baths in North Conway. We had gone there in the Fall, on a very random 95 degree NH day, and loved hanging out in the pools of water and waterfalls. But I was so glad we went out again in the winter - it's a totally different game when everything's frozen.

TSM | Abby

Not only is it incredibly beautiful, it's incredibly funny to watch whoever you make the half-mile hike out to the Baths when it's all icy. It does require some extra caution - as it is seriosuly slippery in some spots, especially in the areas immediately around the falls - but still funny to watch people slide and climb around. I fell a couple times trying to manuever my way around, but it made it that much more fun. I was seriously CRACKING UP watching my boyfriend slide down a path like it was a frozen waterslide.

PRO TIP: If you do hike out during the winter, wear boots or footwear that have some kind of tread on them. Also, during the busier season, you are asked to make a small donation to the park and put a tag on your window. So if you plan on being out there for a few hours, bring a $5 or a $10 in cash so you don't have to worry about leaving your car.

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