Summer is winding down but that doesn't mean fair season is over...and that means it's time for fair food. 

If you're heading out to The Big E or if you've ever been before, you know it's one of the biggest fairs in New England. And that means it has the most amazing options for fair food. You know, the stuff that'll have you convincing yourself it's totally fine to eat various fried items for an entire day.

This year, one of the vendors at the Big E, The Coffee Break, is adding a new item: deep-fried Pop-Tarts! 

Last year, The Coffee Break was a huge hit with foodies for their deep-friend cannolis and they plan to introduce the Pop-Tarts as this year's specialty.

You can also try some other fan favorites like pulled pork poutine from Poutine Gourmet, the Moo-Nut from Moolicious, Donut Sundae from Fluffy's, and Taco Chompers from Chompers.

The Big E opens in Springfield, MA on September 14 and runs through the 30th.

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