This park in Connecticut has everything from swimming and snorkeling to zip lining and cliff jumping and it's all just under 2 hours away.

Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park is just 2 hours away and is the ideal spot for family day trips or something to do with a group of friends. This park is open from 10AM-7PM every day of the week and offers 3 different admission options. They offer a general swimming pass ($26), an adventure sports day pass ($36), and a wakeboard adventure sports pass ($46).


Credit To: Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park, LLC Facebook Page

These prices are great for such fun stuff to do! The swimming pass offers swimming, hiking, and biking with access to snorkeling and kayaking. The adventure pass accesses the basic stuff with cliff jumping, rock climbing, zip lines, waterslide, rope swing, scuba diving, and the inflatable obstacles. The wakeboard adventure pass is everything including the wakeboard park and also includes the standard board and helmet rental. To scuba dive you must have a valid scuba diving license presented at the gate. There is a rental booth to rent all the equipment to use if you forgot something at home but you can bring your own kayaks, snorkeling gear, water shoes, etc.


There are picnic area and dock rentals available for 12 people or more.


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Additional Reporting By Taylor Sullivan