Very soon driving around Beavertail State Park in Jamestown will be a thing of the past.

The Rhode Island DEM announced this week that starting Monday February 3 the perimeter loop around the Beavertail Lighthouse will no longer be open to traffic.

That means a nice scenic drive around the lighthouse is out. Which is kind of a bummer because this is a really great spot to just enjoy the waterfront view in Rhode Island.

And though the news is sad, it is all for a very good reason.

Seems there is a lot of erosion in the area due to residual damage from Superstorm Sandy and the rising sea levels. And after some dangerous washouts along the road they've decided it is much safer to prevent vehicles from driving on it.

Luckily this doesn't mean the state park is closed altogether.

You can still walk around the lighthouse and explore the rocks below. Something I have loved doing with my kids year after year.

Nancy Hall/TSM
Nancy Hall/TSM

Beavertail State Park also offers saltwater fishing and hiking plus there is a small aquarium there located inside the foghorn house for the lighthouse.

There is plenty to see and do once you are there, but now you just have to walk a bit further to make it happen.

DEM is going to be working through the remainder of the winter to improve the pedestrian and handicapped parking situation so hopefully by the summer it will be easier for everyone to get out to the Beavertail Lighthouse again.

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