Want to feel like you're vacationing in the English countryside without every leaving the East Coast? The new Shepherd's Run Winery in South Kingstown, Rhode Island has got you covered. Just looking at its Instagram gives me instant Downton Abbey vibes and I love it.

For me, a vacationing dream has been traveling to England and exploring the British countryside. Little villages, classic stone buildings and green grassy hills everywhere sounds amazing – and little did I know it was so much closer to home than I ever thought.

Shepherd's Run Winery is right on Tower Hill Road, but it feels like a whole other world. They are making and bottling their own wine, which makes the place that much more dreamy to me. Plus, if you need some Insta-worthy architecture in your life and social media feed, make sure you bring a camera when you go.

The 36-acre estate was originally built in 1933 as a summer home for some of Rhode Island's elite. It is now home to a boutique hotel, winery and event venue that the owners took deliberate measures to preserve the historical character of – and it shows.

I think my favorite part of the property's renovations are the fact that the gardens were restored as well. The original home owners hired famed landscape architect Beatrix Farrand to design the outdoor space and much of that has been brought back to life.

Personally, a walk through this estate with a glass of wine in my hand sounds like the English countryside vacation I've always wanted without ever having to leave the Ocean State. That I can sneak off here while the kids are at school is even better.

This Rhode Island Winery Will Take You to the British Countryside

The feel of an English country getaway is so much closer than you think. A new Rhode Island winery will make you feel like you've gone back in time and across the pond bringing Downton Abbey vibes so close to the SouthCoast.

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