It was announced yesterday that Rhode Island voters have decided to get rid of the words “and Providence Plantations” from the state's official name and I stand behind the decision. After sharing the news with Michael and Gazelle, I learned that the SouthCoast has some questionable slogans that might need some revisions.

NBC10 reports that the “calls to cut ‘Plantations’ out of the state’s name have intensified as protesters nationwide demand racial justice,” and on election day, the state voted to rid the controversial wording. When it was announced that Rhode Islanders would be voting to either keep or get rid of the official name, I noticed some angry people on social media that were mad about the potential change.

My question is, why? Why would that change make anyone angry? I understand that the word “plantations” does not specifically condone slavery, but I can see how the term would offend some people, and that’s why I’m in favor of the name change.

After telling the news to Michael and Gazelle, they shared some interesting slogans that are used by some of the communities on the SouthCoast.

“The slogan for Fall River is ‘We’ll Try,'” Michael said. “The policemen even have it on their uniforms."

It’s certainly not a controversial slogan but Fall River should “try” and come up with something a little more clever.

Gazelle mentioned the slogan change for Wareham, saying that it used to be “The Gateway to Cape Cod” and it’s now “It’s Better Before the Bridges."

Shots fired. Wareham is throwing some serious shade on Cape Cod, and I am here for that type of humor.

Do you know of any other slogans that make you laugh or make you go, huh? Let us know!

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