Coffee shops may be the only retail business that can get away with setting up shop in just about any setting and still be really, really cool. Coffee is also one of the only beverages for which I would drive out of my way. Taking a tiny road-trip for a good coffee in a great setting is one of the things that brings me joy. Drive-thru coffee is for the work week and cool, quirky café coffee is for the weekend.

As the warm weather rolls around, I can always count on seeing a lot more ‘grams of this particular barn/shed/old single stall garage in Little Compton, Rhode Island. Most of the photos hit the same angles: the building’s façade, the great oriental rug on the inside, an inside shot of the abutting room with floor to ceiling windows, the plants, and, of course, its coffee.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It’s hidden among the trees and set far back from the roadway. In fact, you can’t just park at some curb and walk five feet into its front doors. You park on the street and you walk down an old pea stone pathway, through the garden and past their patio seating, and then you get to the front door.

Google reviewers and Trip Advisors refer to the café as a number of things, including adorable, quirky, funky, rustic, cute, quaint, charming, unique, serene and nearly all of them comment on the delicious pastries and seating arrangements. It’s precisely the place you dream of retreating to when life gets too noisy.

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This hidden gem has no phone number, no website – and that is exactly how they like it.

If you need an escape, take a trip the the Little Compton Commons and remember, this cool little place is cash only.

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