The pine beetles are coming, but Rhode Island researchers won't let them ruin your future Christmas trees.

Pine beetles are actually a very creepy looking insect (in my humble opinion) that can chew under the pine tree bark and kill off trees in a matter of months.

And they're headed to Rhode Island.

The Providence Journal spoke with several researchers from the University of Rhode Island who are trying to trap these hungry beetles and keep them from destroying the trees.

The plan apparently involves traps that mimic the trees and contain pine scent. Those will lure the beetles in where they become trapped and are killed.

Rhode Island also plans to use controlled burning of state forests to protect the trees as well.

And don't feel too bad for the pine beetles, killing them off is actually safer for you as well.

When the beetles get under the tree bark and cut off the tree's ability to take in nutrients, the pines actual start to ooze a toxic resin to protect themselves.

That resin can be harmful to humans who then come in contact with the tree.

So really these URI researchers are saving your skin and your future Christmas trees.

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