Have you ever read something that instantly made you want to know more? Because that is exactly how I felt when I saw the words "some even wear diapers" on a Facebook post about adopting pigeons – and it is true, some pigeons do in fact wear diapers.

Now I know what you're thinking, why do they wear diapers? The answer is simple. Many people keep domesticated pigeons as indoor pets that fly freely around their home. The diapers are used to prevent bird droppings from getting all over your house, and it seems the birds actually enjoy wearing them.

That pigeon legit did a happy dance about pigeon pants. Love it.

So now you might be wondering how to get yourself a pigeon. That's pretty simple too, it seems. The Wildlife Clinic of Rhode Island located in Saunderstown is currently looking for long-term homes for the 13 domesticated pigeons they have recently rehabilitated. Yours could be one of those homes.

Personally, the white pigeon with the black spots along its wings would be my pick. It's like having a Dalmatian pigeon pet. Pigeons make great pets; according to several studies on pigeon intelligence, these birds can form close bonds with humans and could even become as snuggly as a dog or cat would be.

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Plus, pigeons are super intelligent. There was a reason they've been used by the military and Coast Guard over the years, though what you would train them for in your day-to-day life is up to you.

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