Rhode Island is taking steps they feel necessary to keep farming viable in the state.

There is a new program launching in Rhode Island that could help those with dreams of owning their own farm.

The state is going to be buying available farm land and then selling it to new farmers super cheap.

As Morning Ag Clips put it, the state could purchase a $500,000 farm, then resell it for $100,000.


Though there are critics of this plan, Rhode Island says the move is being made to keep young entrepreneurs from moving to other states where land may be cheaper and keep existing farmers in business.

Rhode Island reportedly plans to spend $3 million from an environmental bond approved by voters to buy farmland and development rights.

Farmers interested in buying the land they obtain will have to apply for it.

According to Morning Ag Clips, who wrote about the farmland plan on April 5th, the state will be soliciting applications within 45 days.

Those interested should keep an eye on the RI Department of Environmental Management's farmland page.

The National Farmers Union says Rhode Island is the only state they know of that will buy farmland to specifically sell it to farmers for lower than market value.

Other states do offer tax credits and loans to beginning farmers however.

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