A Rhode Island lawmaker is looking to limit the amount of self-checkout lanes at businesses, and I am totally in favor. Here’s why.

The Proposed Self-Checkout Legislation

Rep. Megan Cotter will soon introduce legislation that would limit the number of self-checkout lanes to eight per store and require cashiers to be on hand at all times.

But wait, there’s more.

This new legislation would also require stores to give shoppers a 10% discount for using self-checkout and purchasing at least 10 items.

Cotter hopes her proposal gets people thinking about the importance of jobs and the worker-shopper relationship.

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Here Is Why Less Self-Checkout Makes Sense

The pandemic showed us that self-checkout can be safe and convenient, but is it efficient? I am a frequent user of self-checkout, but there are some serious flaws in the system for many businesses.

Almost every time, one of my items doesn’t scan or the scale does not register that I have put the item in my shopping bag, leading to a giant “Please Wait” sign on the screen as my lane flashes to get a worker’s attention. That worker is typically attending to several other checkout lanes.

Several flashing signs later, the worker has ultimately scanned half of my items, totally defeating the purpose of the “convenient” self-checkout.

At surface level, self-checkout is great and it works for many businesses, but if you peel back the layers, you’ll notice most of your favorite stores have skeleton crews with the self-checkout line winding around the store and only a handful of staff to assist.

Limiting self-checkout lanes to eight could allow these stores to provide a more efficient shopping experience and allow the employees to provide better assistance when needed.

As for the 10% discount, it’s like a “thank you” for aiding the business in running a little more smoothly.

I’m on board with the potential legislation. What about you?

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