Picture this: you’re belting out your favorite song on the radio, reciting every word, only to have your friend in the passenger seat say to you, “Those aren’t the words.”

Sound familiar?

Sometimes our ears play tricks on us when it comes to deciphering the words to songs. Words blend together, and before you know it, “She’s a maneater” turns into “She’s an anteater.”

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The Tonight Show

Sadly, for me, the Backstreet Boys were not from Rhode Island, and that was just a classic case of misunderstood lyrics. I still consider this mishap a victory, however, because someone who isn’t from Rhode Island actually acknowledged us as a place, instead of assuming we are a part of New York.

I won’t lie. I used to think that in the song “Benny and the Jets," Elton John was saying, “She’s got electric boots, Armani suits,” but in reality, he is saying, “She’s got electric boots, a mohair suit.” Not terribly off, but when you sing it confidently enough in front of the wrong person like I did, you get ridiculed every time the song comes on.

I decided to bring Jimmy Fallon’s Misheard Lyrics game to the SouthCoast, and it looks like we have been singing the wrong words for decades. Here are 10 of the most misheard lyrics from SouthCoast listeners.

Ten of the Most Misheard Lyrics from SouthCoast Listeners

There is always that song that you thought you knew by heart, only to discover you've been singing it wrong this entire time. Here are some of the most misheard songs over the years.

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