A Rhode Island soap maker probably never expected it would one day include coffee among its ingredients, but now she says there are amazing benefits to it.

Christy Casey, owner of Bar + Jar, has been baking up some interesting skincare concoctions. She's been making soaps for 12 years, with a pretty extensive line on her Etsy page and, boy, does she get creative.

She has been using ingredients like corn meal and flax meal for a while now and, yes, recently decided to give coffee a go.


"Last year the owner of Coastal Roasters in Tiverton reached out to me about doing a collaboration, and ever since I started putting their coffee in my bars it's been a hit, and I keep these bars in regular rotation," she said.

Christy Casey
Christy Casey

I did a little research as to what benefit coffee beans in your soap would have and it seems finely ground coffee beans can actually rid you of dry, dead skin cells. It can also help restore a radiant glow and smooth appearance.  How does it do this? It's said that it stimulates blood flow and improves circulation, which leads to a better appearance.

Coffee -- not just to caffeinated anymore.

Let's not forget that some of us enjoy the smell of coffee more than we actually like drinking it, so, yeah, I'd love walking around all day smelling like a delicious coffee bean.

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