A big night tonight in Mattapoisett and Marion as the Restore ORR project goes to Town Meeting vote tonight.

Hal Rood, one of the founders of the Restore ORR project stopped into the Rock and Fox Show this morning to talk about why the high school is in such need for a new field, track, and modern sound and lighting system for the auditorium.

Rood shared a number of examples, including a recent story with us about how an opposing coach filed a complaint with the officials because the field was in such poor shape.  Had that official decided to stop the game due to the field's dangerous conditions, state law would have mandated the field to be shut down permanently until the problems are addressed.

Rood is also concerned about how "hard packed" the field is, increasing the dangers for head injuries.

"We know there's a ground swell of support, you see the signs everywhere, businesses are endorsing it, however, you can't depend on the next person to vote.  You don't want to be the person tomorrow morning to read in the paper that it lost by 20 votes and you didn't go.  Be a part of the solution."  --Hal Rood, Restore ORR

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