Once again my faith in humanity takes a hit as a intended heartwarming story gets ripped by your standard internet user.

A family went to eat at the Olive Garden in Illinois,. When the family was asked how everything ws by the waitstaff, the 3 year old in the group responded by saying "grandpas house burned down". The girl's dad later on posted a copy of the bill they were presented with. The manager had charged them nothing for the meals! Here are some of the responses on Reddit.

"Why does it say "Duplicate Receipt - Stored Order" at the bottom? Is this an indication that this is a copy of the receipt, and it may be the manager posting this?"

Others pointed out that the Olive Garden logo was a little too perfectly placed, and wondered about the restaurant's ulterior motives.

Some users accused the Olive Garden of planning this for weeks, including setting up the family. Has the world really come to this? Why can't a good thing be seen as just that?