When was the last time you indulged in visiting the Olive Garden? Maybe it's your guilty pleasure.

It's been years since I sat down at an Olive Garden and partook in their endless breadsticks. You have to admit, there is nothing like dipping those fresh, warm, seasoned breadsticks into their amazing Alfredo or marinara sauce. I could make a meal just out of those.

Rumors have been circling that a local Olive Garden location is closing. My first instinct was the one at the Dartmouth Mall. I just didn't think that was possible, seeing as how that particular Olive Garden consistently has a full parking lot whenever I drive by it. So I did some digging and found that the location that will, in fact, be closing is the Taunton location.

I had to call up and find out why.

Melissa, an on-duty manager at the Olive Garden just past the Taunton Mall, did confirm that the location will serve its last breadstick on February 23, 2020.

While she couldn't dive into all the reasons as to why the store was closing, she did say that the lease to the building in which the restaurant is located was expiring.

I can only assume that to renew the lease would mean an increase in rent that probably wasn't in the budget for the ever-shrinking restaurant chain.

While I'm sure those that frequent the Olive Garden in Taunton are bummed, they can still come to the Dartmouth Mall for their endless breadsticks.

Now I'm on Uber eats trying to see if they will deliver me some breadsticks with the Alfredo sauce...

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