By any measure, this weekend was incredible on the SouthCoast. Factor in the fact that it was mid-January, and the weather was downright shocking.

We've all heard of January thaws, but there wasn't much to even thaw for this one.

Families took advantage of the warm weather to get some outside activities into the calendar. From getting ahead on yardwork to going on hikes, many on the SouthCoast spent time outside this weekend.

Kids were seen riding on skateboards, scooters, and bikes in the unexpected sunshine. Families flocked to the playground.

The Smith family took advantage of the warm weather to explore the Flora B Pierce nature trail in New Bedford's North End.

The McAvoy family took the dog for a walk down in New Bedford's Fort Tabor.

Fort Phoenix was also another popular spot. Check out this photo that was taken by Aly Shaw this afternoon at around 4 p.m. If you didn't know any better, you might think this was a picture from early spring.

Aly Shaw Facebook
Aly Shaw Facebook

Rosemary Heath used the record high temps as an excuse to escape the Cape.

The Parker Family decided to celebrate the warmth with a spontaneous outdoor picnic.

The Rock family headed to the movies this weekend to see 1917. I was thinking that the theater would be empty due to the fantastic weather, but I was wrong. We actually bought the last tickets available for the movie in the theater. After the movie, however, we all pitched in and cleaned out the interior of our cars in the driveway.

What did your family do outside this weekend? We'd love to see your pictures. You can send them to us right through the Fun 107 app.

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