A coffee trip for two Tiverton commuters went drastically different on Friday morning, leading one driver to believe a random act of kindness was at work while the other driver was surprised to find two charges from the coffee shop.

When both drivers posted their experiences online, funny entertainment unfolded for their fellow Facebook users.

A Coffee Shop Mishap

“Okay, why did I get charged twice…” asked Matthew Raymond to his friends in a Tiverton Facebook group.

If this were me, I would be asking questions, too, but it was the next post that appeared in the same group that caught my eye.

“Thank you to whoever paid for my $8.97 order this morning,” the user wrote. “Nice people are still out there!”

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Here’s What Actually Happened

Turns out that Raymond took a trip around 5 a.m. to a coffee shop on Main Road in Tiverton. He called the coffee shop shortly after he realized he was charged once for $8.97 and once for $9.72.

Raymond tried contacting the coffee shop, but said, “They hadn’t answered when I called.”

While Raymond continues to search for answers, the driver behind him was treated to a free order, blissfully unaware that this was, in fact, an error and not a random act of kindness.

The driver believed their free coffee was the work of “nice people” but Raymond wasn’t in on the kind gesture.

“I’m happy I made someone’s day, but I should be told beforehand,” he said.

It sounds like the coffee shop needs to pay it forward to Raymond on his next trip to the drive-thru.

Accidents happen, but coffee makes it all better.

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