The Ninth Annual Rose Alley Ale House Beer Summit Kicks Off Thursday, Feb. 1.

Each year, for the last seven years, Rose Alley Ale House in Downtown, New Bedford hosts an annual Beer Summit. Participants who sign up (21+ Only) gather to taste different craft and imported beers from all over and rate them by taste.

In general... if you're a beer connoisseur like myself, you'll love the atmosphere and several taps.

Every Saturday Morning (and ONLY on Saturdays), Rose Alley offers a delicious breakfast menu, but to kick off the Beer Summit, they will be having their famous Kegs & Eggs Breakfast Buffet on Feb 1 from 9-11 a.m. for all who attend for just $8!


The Beer Summit consists of 28 Beers for the 28 days of February, participants must consume 28 beers this year!

Here are the Official Rules:

  1. No more than six beers can be consumed per day (Mainly for your safety's sake)
  2. Each person who signs up receives a tally card that allows you to rate each of the 28 beers from 1-5 in regards to taste, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.
  3. Finish the Summit by consuming ALL of the 28 beers and receive a T-shirt and a Locally Hand-Crafter beer mug of your choice!
  4. Each Beer Mug comes with a number and gets hung on a hook for all to see and for your use whenever you visit. Simply tell the bartender which mug is yours (by number, of course) and you will get to use that specific mug every single time.
  5. At the end of one year, you are then allowed to take your mug home for keeps-sake.
  6. Also, PLEASE keep in mind that these beers contain a higher alcohol content than regular beers, so sip slowly and carefully.

"Take a journey through 28 different Craft and Imported Beers of all styles and origins throughout the 28 days of February" -Rose Alley Ale House




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